Particle Filters for Vehicle Exhaust

Our Filter System has been specially prepared to counteract environmental problems caused by exhaust emissions from vehicles which drive short distances indoors and outdoors.


L20 Filter

The L20 exhaust filter is used for larger vehicles, such as transports, city work fleet vehicles and heavy trucks. They capture the exhaust fumes when the vehicles are being moved indoors. The dual L20 unit is normally used for military vehicles such as APC’s, Bisons, and many more specialized vehicles.

P15 Filter

The P15 is the ideal exhaust filter for capturing fumes from vehicles and light trucks when there is a need to move a vehicle inside an enclosed area such as: dealership show rooms, convention and exhibition halls, drive through buildings, etc.


HT Filter

The HT filter is suitable for heavy plant, industrial vehicles and forklift trucks that need to operate continuously in workshops and confined areas.

PF Filter

The EHC PF Filters are designed for “Heavy Duty” applications. They are recommended for use on vehicles and machines which are used intensively. The EHC PF Filter is a self regenerating exhaust filter. The EHC PF Filter reduces the discharges of all exhaust particles, gases and smells in the exhaust fumes