In building such as fire, stations, bus garages etc, motor vehicles that burn gasoline and diesel fuels give off toxic fumes during operation.

Sourcetec offers three types of rail systems that allow vehicles to be driven in and out of the bay doors while remaining attached to the exhaust removal system maintaining a clean work environment free of harmful emissions.

At a predetermined point, the exhaust system can be automatically or manually disengaged from the vehicle leaving it free to proceed outside.

Emergency Vehicle Exhaust Rail / Exhaust Rail

Sourcetec Exhaust Rail Systems are ideal for vehicles with side exhausts which may be parked back to back or in tandem. The systems are ideal for locations in which space between vehicles, or the vehicle wall is very narrow.


Non-Exhausting Rail

The overhead rail has an internal four wheel trolley which in turn supports a balancer and flexible length of hose. The hose and balancer are free to move along the length of the rail, so the system can be attached to the vehicle while it is still outside. The vehicle is then driven inside the station, which remains free of exhaust fumes.

Self Centering / Verticle Stack Rail System

The Sourcetec Self centering rail system offers automatic operation without the need of manual attachment of the vehicle to the exhaust system. The vertical stack of the vehicle is permanently modified with a special adapter that fits into the overhead rail.

The system automatically aligns itself to the incoming vehicle by means of a slide rail intake. Disconnect is automatic and requires no attention from the vehicle crew.