Sourcetec Baghouse dust collectors are customized to meet your application. From a small woodworking shop to a large heavy dust application, we have the right size dust collectors to get the job done. We offer bag house dust collectors from DRSA, SRCA to PD & PDY Portable for a safe and convenient operation.

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DRSA Dust Collector

The DRSA Series Dust Collectors are customized for each individual application. They are perfect for large manufacturing facilities and small wood working shops. All DRSA Collectors come with standard features like Electrical Shaker, Weatherproof Body with Steel Frame, Polyester filters with snap in rings, Fully Hinged Access Doors to filter Section, Hi Efficiency TEFC Motors and Control Panels to operate Exhaust Fan and Shakers as well as many options to fit your application.

SRCA Dust Collector

The SRCA Series Dust Collector are designed for applications where space is limited. Whether indoors or outdoors the heavy duty compact design allows the SRCA unit to perform efficiently without taking up too much space.

Hose reel-1-w800-h600-a0c2da0a57
Hose reel-1-w800-h600-a0c2da0a57

PD & PDY Portable Dust Collectors

The PD and PDY Portable Dust Collectors are compact and portable. We have different units for light, medium and coarse dust loads. They require very little maintenance and run trouble free under normal handling and use. With little or no installation required the PD or PDY Portable Dust Collectors will be manufactured to your exact needs.