Manual Exhaust Hose Reel from Sourcetec

Cyclone Dust Collectors from Sourcetec

In many industries where large size airborne particulate is produced, such as schools, machine shops or any location where machining, grinding buffing, polishing or woodworking is done. Sourcetec recommends the use of Cyclone Dust Collector.

Sourcetec Cyclones are designed and manufactured specifically to operate in applications generating heavy particulate and high temperatures. The greater centrifugal airflow and design improve particle separation which increases overall collection efficiency.

High Velocity Cyclones remove particulate from plant air. Clean air can be exhausted back into the plant through an optional after filter reducing energy costs. They come complete with an airtight drum arrangement and stand or cabinet base making maintenance and disposal easy.

Our Cyclone Dust Collectors are manufactured of heavy-gauge material with a powerful direct drive blower and are available in airflow levels from 860 to 5600cfm.